The Nonprofit Science Career Path

Hydrologists are often taught about career paths including academia, industry, and government agencies. I’m missing something, right? Nonprofits! Though often overlooked, nonprofit science jobs are one option for hydrologists who want to do science and not get too bogged down in bureaucratic politics. I recently attended a webinar about career development, focusing on non-academic career … Continue reading The Nonprofit Science Career Path

Navigating Academic Waters: Succeeding as a Postdoc

Postdoctoral training is a unique opportunity to undertake independent research, expand your research interests, and make significant progress toward your desired career path. In this webinar, we sit down with panelists, including current and former postdocs, to discuss their experience finding a postdoc position, as well as tips on how to be a successful postdoc. This webinar will help all early career researchers better understand where/how to apply for a postdoc as a graduate student and how to excel in the position once you have it.