Science Policy

Information for those interested in becoming involved in science policy and stakeholder issues

How to stay informed on science policy topics

Policy presents the framework to address environmental challenges; engineering and science the tools to investigate it. Past Science Policy blog posts from H3S have shared science policy fellowship opportunities, how to get your foot in the door of the science policy world, and the overarching importance of science policy within academia. While students/early-career scientists are…

Science Policy as an Academic

Research and science policy are not two discrete fields; in fact, they are endlessly intertwined. Policy can solve the world’s problems with its unique ability to provide the resources to make solutions available for everyone who needs them, while at the same time funding the research that determines these solutions . These two fields cannot…

Reframing the Imposter Syndrome

Guest post by 2020 Sea Grant Knauss Fellow Meredith Richardson on how to overcome feeling like an imposter in your own work and skills she learned in graduate school that are useful in government.