Navigating Academic Waters: Succeeding as a Postdoc

Postdoctoral training is a unique opportunity to undertake independent research, expand your research interests, and make significant progress toward your desired career path. In this webinar, we sit down with panelists, including current and former postdocs, to discuss their experience finding a postdoc position, as well as tips on how to be a successful postdoc. This webinar will help all early career researchers better understand where/how to apply for a postdoc as a graduate student and how to excel in the position once you have it.

Navigating Difficult DEI Conversation, July 11th

1-3pm EST hosted by OSU DEI Useful dialog and de-escalation methods for difficult DEI conversations Practice perspective taking – process of actively replacing judgment of others, clarifying what people mean and understanding reactions in the moment Participation opportunities: anonymous response system (Mentimeter), role-play in various scenarios