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A few months ago, while educators were following their usual routine to perform and conduct classes, COVID-19 emerged abruptly and disrupted everything, calling for a quick transition from face-to-face to online teaching. With limited time available and challenges that every individual faced, hydrology and water resources professors and lecturers had to develop new teaching activities to deliver classes online. To support students and instructors from all institutions around the globe, we provide a collection of freely available teaching courses in the hydrologic sciences.

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Teaching Materials for Several Online Courses – Adam Ward

Collection of teaching materials for several courses including water quality modeling, introduction to environmental engineering, fluid mechanics, and field methods in hydrologic sciences assembled by Adam Ward and Skuyler Herzog at Indiana University.

Forest Hydrology – Jeff McDonnell

Lectures on forest hydrology developed by Jeff McDonnell at University of Saskatchewan.

Methods of Hydrologic Measurements – Mirial Coenders & Wim Luxemburg

Lectures on methods of hydrologic measurements developed by Mirial Coenders and Wim Luxemburg at TU Delft University.

Soil Hydrology and Biophysics – John Selker & Dani Or

Video lectures on soil hydrology and biophysics developed by John Selker and Dani Or from Oregon State University.

Storage and Flow of Water in Soil – Allan Rodhe

Video lectures on storage and flow of water in soil developed by Allan Rodhe from Uppsala University.

Physical Hydrology – Belize Lane & Irene Garousi-Nejad

Lectures on fundamentals of hydrologic cycle and hydrologic processes. Precipitation, infiltration, runoff generation, evapotranspiration, etc., developed by Belize Lane and Irene Garousi-Nejad from Utah State University.

Snow Hydrology: Focus on Modeling – Jessica D. Lundquist

CUAHSI Virtual University Modules on Snow Hydrology: video lectures on snow hydrology focusing on modular modeling framework that incorporates components from most snow models in use today developed by Jessica D. Lundquist at University of Washington.

Statistical Methods for Water Resources

A collection of class notes for a course on applied statistical methods for hydrologists taught at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) National Training Center

By Leila Saberi
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

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