Welcome to our Resources Blogoshpere!

Here, we publish articles on career, education, and research resources in four different categories—edited by our student editorial members—in the hope that they can be helpful to the hydrology community, in particular to students and early-career scientists. Our blog posts are categorized into (1) Professional Development, (2) Research and Data, (3) Online Teaching, and (4) Policy. Professional Development posts provide links to our previously hosted webinar series. In Research and Data, we publish posts that introduce hydrology data and research tools. Online Teaching posts contain links to various hydrology courses, material, and modules that could be beneficial to both students and early-career scientists. Finally, our Policy category includes posts that introduce information related to science-policy-stakeholder issues.

We encourage you to comment on any article to promote productive conversations. Our editorial staff reserves the right to remove any disrespectful or harmful comments to ensure a positive experience for all.

If you want to contribute as an author, please contact us here, and we will help you craft your post. We are looking forward to hearing from you! Let’s make this the go-to space for students and early-career hydrologists, together.

By Irene Garousi Nejad
Utah State University

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